RealTruck #GrayGhost to Return to Ona Speedway 8-05-2023

For Immediate Release:

Carson Lucas Racing (CLR) is excited to announce the return of the #GrayGhost to Ona Speedway with the CRS SuperTruck Series on August 5th, 2023. “I’m so excited to make a return back to my hometrack and with everyone at Ona Speedway again this year!” says an enthusiastic Carson Lucas. Last year marked the first time Carson was old enough to compete at the track he has called home since his first practice laps at the age of 10. With his very first truck start at Ona with the CRS SuperTruck Series, he was able to retake the lead with 2 laps to go, and go on to win the feature in front of his home base of CLR fans. This was the second win for Carson in the truck series while finishing a respective 5th and 3rd in late model competition, earlier in the season at Ona.

The now 14yr old recaps that very special night at Ona ,”That was such a great night, getting the win in front of my fans , spraying Mountain Dew for everyone, and then visiting so many people afterwards in our CLRXperience merch booth. If I could get lucky enough to win again at Ona this season, I know me and my fans are going to have a great time!”

CLR is also happy to announce that will continue to carry primary sponsorship on the SuperTruck for 2023 and will be releasing more schedule updates soon, which will include SuperTruck and Pro Late Model venues. This is expected to be a breakout year for Carson and we couldn’t be any happier to experience it with the very best sponsors and fans in motorsports! CLR fans are the best!