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Proctorville, OH (February 21, 2024) – Carson Lucas Racing announces sponsorship from Lincoln Electric for 2024 programs. Lincoln Electric, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio has become the global leader in arc welding and cutting, and is renowned as The Welding Experts® worldwide. With the industry’s leading team of experts and most comprehensive portfolio of solutions, Lincoln continues to advance innovation and deliver measurable value to customers and their operations.

An excited Carson Lucas-“I have been welding in the shop now for some time, I even weld on my own race cars, I really enjoy it. It’s so awesome to have Lincoln Electric come on board with us, I’m really excited to share all the cool things Lincoln Electric has going on with my fans. A lot of my fans are welders, we have shared stories of what it’s like when you can nail a good looking weld, and then fix something that has broken, and it works like new again, that’s really awesome. I’m really excited to be part of Weld Red Nation!”

“We are really honored to have Lincoln Electric join our team for this season. It was something we have been wanting to bring the CLR fan base for some time. Our fan base represents the backbone of this country and welding and fabrication is certainly one of those occupations that keeps this country moving forward. We have plans to have Carson visit several of the vocational schools throughout the state and help promote the skilled trades. Whether it’s welding in a race shop or a pipeline, this is a trade that is in high demand and Lincoln Electric has been leading the way for over 125 years. We are so excited to have them” states Art Lucas , Principal and Director of Marketing for Carson Lucas Racing.

CLR will carry sponsorship from Lincoln Electric on both the Pro Late Model and SuperTruck programs for 2024. As part of the program,  CLR will be bringing the fan base product demonstrations of the latest offerings , contests, and resources from Lincoln Electric. “After meeting them at PRI,  I was really hoping we could get Lincoln Electric to join our program,  I’m honored to represent them and Weld Red Nation this season” – Carson Lucas.

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